“When I think of superheroes, I think of women. I think of my mother and my grandmothers.  Women have the capacity to stretch, transform and become larger than life. Women find the crack and fit into its tiny spaces. Women break down walls and pave roads. Women are delicate and beautiful. Women can strut. Women can fly. Women are superheroes.” 

                                                                          -Keresse Dorcely, SIX/20

Six/20 is a luxury sportswear brand for women who value style and comfort equally. Women are superheroes who dash from place to place, balancing multiple responsibilities all at once. Unlike the superheroes in comic books, women don’t have the luxury of dashing into a phone both. They need for their garments to transition with them.  Six/20 combines quality fabrics with silhouettes that move seamlessly from work to weekend; from brunch with the girls to a night on the town. Six/20 doesn’t just want to be part of your very special day, Six/20 wants to be part of your everyday. The SIX/20 woman is a Champion in the Sport of Life.

Baltimore native and New Jersey transplant, Keresse (Pronounced Caress)  taught herself to sew as a way of healing after tragedy. On June 20th, 2014 (SIX/20/14), Keresse gave birth to a beautiful but stillborn baby boy named Forte.  Losing a child is unimaginable pain that no one should have to endure, but Keresse had a 5 year old daughter that needed her to be strong and resilient-a superhero.  While healing, Keresse kept having a nagging feeling that she needed to buy a sewing machine.  Up to this point, Keresse had been a high school music teacher who loved fashion, but even struggled with sewing on a button. With each day the desire to buy a machine only grew in intensity, so Keresse finally ordered one. A few days later it arrived and a friend showed her how to thread the machine. With every stitch, a new world opened for her. Fabric became puzzle pieces that when put together told her  story and healed her wounds. Keresse’s desire to express her philosophy on life through design and her desire to make her clients feel strong, powerful, and beautiful drive her to push the bounds of luxury sportswear and design.


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